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"An application will always put forth their best foor - don't let the other foot create problems. A thorough background check will let you know precicely who you're hiring."

Pre Employment Screening Services


Neglect Hiring

"...a term used when an employer hires an individual without conducting a proper or effective investigation of that person's history and later it's discovered that the employee's background contains something that would indicate a propensity for misconduct that is job related".




A 93-year-old female was raped by an employee of the nursing home where she was a patient. The plaintiff contended the employer was negligent for failing to adequately screen the employee's background prior to hiring him, which would have revealed a long police record that included sexual misconduct.


Attorneys for the woman brought action against the nursing home for negligent hiring and retention of an employee who had a prior criminal record that included several offenses of sexual predation.


Settlement: $680,000.00


Liability issues and litigation involving negligent hiring are becoming commonplace. More and more companies are being held liable for property damages, personal injury and death arising from a negligent hiring situation. The courts are no longer accepting a defense of ignorance for a negligent hiring liability when reasonable pre-employment background checks were not performed. The ripple effects of enormous monetary awards and negative publicity can devastate even the most successful of businesses. Ironically, a simple act of "due diligence" by the company could easily protect hard earned assets and a time-stamped reputation.


Competition demands quality service and products. Careful pre-employment screening will produce employees who are leaders with the character and solid background that your company demands. Also, hiring the right person for the job reduces turn-over as well as training expenses and helps keep employee moral at a peak.


"Bad hires" bring excessive baggage with them: sullen attitudes, a lackadaisical, often unfriendly approach to doing the job, no team spirit and in many instances, a propensity to "create" their own perks. One such perk is theft, which costs our nation more than 400 million dollars a year.


Compounding this problem are former employers who, out of fear of civil litigation, are reluctant to say "why" an employee was terminated. This allows a bad employee to bounce from job-to-job, leaving a trail of deceit and deception in his wake that in most instances is never discovered because administrators are afraid to ask the right questions of applicants. This only contributes to the millions of applications that are falsified annually.


A recent article in the New York Times reported that more than 40% of resumes and applications submitted for employment in today's marketplace have either untruths or misrepresentations of previous employment, education, criminal history and other misstated qualifications. Conducting a thorough pre-employment screening investigation may reveal some unforeseen facts:


Overstated Academics
Poor Driving Record.Instabilities
Criminal History.Behavioral Problems
Exaggerated Abilities..


By employing our Pre-employment Screening service, we can assist in separating the "silver-tongue" applicant with an impressive resume from the truly exceptional candidates. Hiring the right person the first time will pay huge dividends down the road.