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Specializing in Pre-Employment Screening, Workers’ Compensation Fraud Investigations and Finding people who don’t want to be found. We are an all-in-one resource for all your investigative needs. Data Research Inc is a licensed and accredited Consumer Reporting Agency and is FCRA compliant.

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Pre-Employment Screening

What is pre-employment screening? Sometimes called a “background check,” it is a verification of your information and background employers can use to verify your qualifications, assess your skills that are relevant to the position and evaluate personal history to determine eligibility for employment. The most common requests are Criminal History (84%), Drug Testing (80%), Employment History (72%) and Social Media Screening (70%).

Workers’ Compensation Fraud Investigation

It is estimated that, nationwide, Workers Compensation Fraud costs employers a staggering $5 billion dollars annually. Workers’ Comp Fraud occurs when a claimant (employee) knowingly lies in order to receive money or other benefits he/she is not entitled to receive. If an employee is suspected of “gaming” the system, and your company does not employ an internal investigator, you will need to hire a licensed investigator to conduct an investigation.

Background Screening Reports

In October 2018, an independent study estimated that 90% of companies confirmed that background screening was a standard part of the hiring process. Employers surveyed reported their company conducted at least one common background screening search that included SSN Trace, Criminal History, Drug Testing, Driving Report and numerous other public record searches that would provide a well-defined picture of an applicant’s character and trustworthiness.

Itinerary Verification Surveillance

This two-person operation is designed to track and videotape a field or remote employee to ensure the accuracy and truth of their daily/weekly/monthly work record or expense report. The main objective of this surveillance is to verify that an employee, who is self-supervised, is conducting business within prescribed company guidelines. Additionally, this covert observation is an excellent way for management to assess an employee’s need for training, productive use of time and their promote-ability based on “real time” video.

Workplace Investigations

A workplace investigation begins when an HR professional or third-party investigator is tasked with looking into a workplace issue, and based on facts, brings about an appropriate conclusion in a timely manner. Investigations are most often initiated when an employee comes forward with a complaint regarding inappropriate behavior in the workplace.

Skip Tracing / People Locating

Skip Trace (also known as skip tracing, people locating, and debtor / fugitive recovery) is the process of locating a person’s whereabouts. There are many ways to find someone who doesn’t want to be found. A handful of resources that can be data-mined are public and private databases, court records, BMV records where available and social media. Additionally, a private investigator can be hired to talk to the person’s neighbors or friends.