Searches / Screening Services

Searches / Screening Services

We provide an array of employment screening packages. Our standard packages are GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE. You can view these packages by going to the Menu bar and under Services click on Service Packages.

Not what you need? Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll be happy to customize a package to fit your company needs allowing you to process applicants in a quick, well-organized way and keep you compliant with FCRA and other applicable government regulations.

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Secretary performing background screenings


Our reports are comprehensive, accurate and returned on a timely basis. The information returned includes: case number, charge, date and disposition. We can search all courts: Federal, State, County and City. We only provide conviction results which are the legal standard for making employment determinations.

Additional surnames found on an SSN report are automatically searched for a criminal record.

We can also set up annual screenings for current employees.

Social Security Number Verification

Social Security Number Verification (SSNV) is a quick and simple means of ensuring an applicant is using a legally issued Social Security Number.

Our SSNV report also identifies erroneous or illegal use of SSNs.

Address History Search

The Address History Search (AHS) report will return all locations where a social security number has been used.

This is an excellent way to find jurisdictions or venues that may have a criminal record the applicant doesn’t want an employer to know about.

Motor Vehicle Report

Most states provide three to five years of driving data in the Motor Vehicle Report (MVR). If there is any possibility that an employee might use their vehicle, or a company vehicle, to complete an errand while “on the clock” then an MVR should be in that employee’s personnel file.

National Sex Offender Registry

National Sex Offender Registry (NSOR) provides a thorough examination of sex offender records maintained by the Department of Justice and state, territorial and tribal governments.

Academic Verification

Academic Verification reduces your risk and cost of making bad hiring decisions.

All U.S. colleges, universities and high schools are verifiable as well as some out of country schools.

Employment Verification

Past or current employers are contacted to verify information provided, such as dates of employment, position held and eligibility for rehire. Our direct integrations with the largest employment & salary database & verification providers reduces turnaround time and improves accuracy.

Civil Court Records

A search of civil court records may return information regarding proceedings that name the applicant as a defendant or plaintiff. This search can be performed locally and nationally.

Global / Terrorist Watch List

This list, that is continuously updated, is comprised of data provided by various U.S. agencies and other international sources.

People Locating / Skip Tracing

A favorite with attorneys, we link the most advanced technology available with proprietary algorithms that allow us to sift through billions of public records and increase the chances of locating that elusive person.

Credit Report

Credit information provides insight into an applicant’s integrity and responsibility regarding his or her financial obligations.

Drug Testing

This should be a mandatory requirement for all new hires and individuals being considered for promotion or advancement to a supervisory position. All panels are available. Our direct integration with some of the longest-standing & largest drug screening providers reduces turnaround time and improves accuracy.