“I don’t care if they get a hundred doctors to examine you.  If you say your back is killing you, they can’t prove it isn’t.  That’s what we call pain and suffering.  And the money you get is tax-free.”
Walter Matthau to Jack Lemmon in the movie
“The Fortune Cookie”
Covert Investigations​

[All matters are held in strict confidence]

Data Research, Inc offers the following investigative services:


  • Civil

  • Computer Forensics

  • Criminal

  • Domestic

  • Hidden Assets

  • Insurance Claims

  • Internal Theft​


  • Itinerary Verification Surveillance

  • Missing Persons

  • People Locate

  • Pre-Employment Background Screening

  • Tenant Screening

  • Workers’ Compensation Fraud

  • Workplace Violence

Data Research Inc is a full-service, state licensed investigative agency providing professional investigative resources to the legal, insurance, manufacturing, industrial and commercial industries.  To provide our clients with the absolute best service possible Data Research Inc has networked with numerous affiliates and partnered with qualified investigative professionals across the USA.


Data Research Inc places a strong emphasis on case management.  All investigations are managed and maintained as follows:


  • Case Diagnosis: Each assignment is reviewed to calculate the scope of the investigation and attendant budget necessary to fulfill case objectives. DRI responds to all investigations with an action plan and budget at the outset of the investigation.

  • Client Authorization: While investigations may appear similar all essentially differ in time and scope.  Thus the action plan and budget are analyzed and approved on a case-by-case basis.

  • Investigation: Investigation is undertaken to varying degrees in every case and can include identification and retrieval of documentary evidence, scene investigation, witness interviews, evidence collection, surveillance as well as other required activities.

  • Progress Reports: Verbal reports are provided to the client on a pre-determined schedule.

  • Status Review: Cases are monitored and reviewed in-progress and through completion. At the conclusion of an investigation, each case undergoes a final review and analysis of findings are presented to the client to determine if additional investigation is required.

  • Report of Investigation: A comprehensive written report is provided to the client within ten days of the end of the investigation. End reports include all relevant activities, findings, video (if requested) and supporting documentation.

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